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National Advocacy Service

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Peace of Mind Foundation are proud collaborative partners of the National Advocacy Service, which directly assists families with accessing support services including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Centrelink and other government programs. 

The service launched on November 1 2021 and we are here to help you with:

  • General information & advice (online, phone or face to face)

  • Connecting you to local support services/contacts within your region

  • Applying to the NDIS, Centrelink, Carer Gateway, etc

  • Sending you a copy of ‘The Survivorship Diary’ - new brain cancer resource

If you require the services above or are seeking services for your specific needs, we would love to hear how we can help.

Request for Support Services


Australian Aphasia Association 

Aphasia is a language difficulty caused by damage to the brain. People with aphasia may have difficulty with:

Talking and Listening
Reading and Writing
Using numbers
Using gestures

Australian Aphasia Association

Facebook group

Aphasia Community Groups

Carer Resources

Looking Forward After Brain Cancer - Surviving - This YouTube channel provides a range of videos developed with persons with cancer and health professionals to provide information tailored to your supportive care needs.