Brain Tumour Support Group

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Brain Tumour Support Group Agreement

Group Purpose:
A monthly support and information group for adults affected by brain tumours including those diagnosed, their carers, families or friends.

Group agreement:
When attending the group, members agree to:

Keep confidential all personal discussions and information.

Listen to others.
One person talking at a time - avoid side conversations or interruptions.
Honour each other's experiences.
Create space for everyone to contribute.
Provide information and advice, but allow others to make decisions that are right for them.
Put mobile phones on silent.
Take phone calls or text messages outside of the group.

Constructive discussion.

Keep group discussion on the activity or topic.

Participate and contribute.
Be involved as much as you are able to.
Respect that some members may not always be able to contribute.
Help with set up and packing up.

It is okay to have a laugh, but not at someone else's expense.

Group Agreement

Do you agree?